Vossen Investment &
Consulting Company

VICC manages the investments of the Vossen family

The company operates in Design, Luxury & real estate sectors on a worlwide basis.

It is a professional organisation that is dedicated to long-term management investment. The head office is located in Saint-Remy-Geest ( Belgium).

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Axis 71Lighting, since 1971

We create, produce and distribute under our own brand the products for the antiquary of tomorrow.
From Brussels to Shanghai, we are drawing beautiful lamps for the privacy and for the collectivity. Our specification is haute couture in lighting.

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Charlie My BearDecorative object

One bear for the planet & Pairi Daiza.

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My Baby DuckDecorative object

To Mamy’s and Papy’s

The need to eat and to play are equally strong for all children. Boys and Girls.
It is their imagination that counts, not skill.
Is it really no more than a duck floating in your favorite cereal? Look closer… You see whatever comes into your head, the way you want it.
Imagine how that looks into your childs imagination.
Pink, Blue or Gold?
They say blue is for boys, and girls should like pink, and what about gold?
A lot of boys actually like pink, and a great bunch of girls prefer blue, while gold is a matter of the heart, “out of the ordinary”.
Whichever color they will choose, the most important is the actual object in their hands.
Let them run wild in their imagination , whatever appeals to them.

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